Commission on Children, Youth & Families

A Vision for Little Rock Families

The Commission on Children, Youth and Families envisions a City that respects and supports the belief that all families can be:

  • Nurturing
  • Self-determining
  • Drug-free environments
  • Violence free

…and that children will be provided essentials of:

  • Health
  • Stability
  • Education

…in order to foster a belief in themselves so that they can grow and develop into caring, contributing adults!

The Commission promotes and supports approaches that:

  • Encourage citizen input
  • Are comprehensive and holistic
  • Connect with families and children most at risk
  • Engage the best public and private partnerships


  • Kathy Webb, Chair
  • SiKia Brown, Vice Chair
  • Chrissy Chatham
  • Michelle Coleman
  • Lisa Donovan
  • Fredrick Fields
  • Christopher Kingsby
  • Phillip Price
  • Elizabeth Quarles
  • Delwin Slater
  • Marcovous William

Comprehensive Community Approach

Central to the goals of the Commission is the inclusion of information, ideas and solutions from the community. A total of nine members of the Commission are chosen from all groups involved in supporting families and include:

  • A Member from the Little Rock City Board of Directors
  • A Member of the Little Rock School District Board
  • At-Large Members

And expertise in the following areas:

  • Family and Domestic Violence Issues
  • Safety and Juvenile Justice
  • Public Health
  • Family and Domestic Violence
  • Early Childhood Education

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